Presentation archive

November 2018

Session 1 - Update on Sensor-Based Monitoring Techniques

Sensor-based monitoring techniques - Their potential for use in Local Air Quality Management
Dr Mikko Laakso, Vaisala Oyj

Air Quality Sensors - Real-world Practicalities
Brian Stacey, Ricardo Energy & Environment

Session 2 - Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure and near-road air quality - findings from the iSCAPE project
Abhijith Kooloth Valappil and Arvind Tiwari, Global Centre for Clean Air Research (GCARE), University of Surrey.

Impacts of Vegetation on air pollution
Prof David Fowler, Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG)

Role of strategic green infrastructure in reducing exposure to road transport pollution
Dr James Levine, Birmingham Institute of Forest Research, University of Birmingham

Session 3 - Engaging the Public and Young People with Air Quality

SenseMyStreet: Sensor Commissioning Toolkit for Communities
Aare Puussaar, Newcastle University

Urban Observatory - SenseMyStreet leaflet
Newcastle University

Making the Invisible Visible: Perspectives on engaging the public with air pollution
Dr Harriett Richardson, National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS)

Session 4 - Delivering Clean Air

Strategic review and development of interventions to improve air quality in the Liverpool City Region
Duncan Urquhart, AECOM

Challenges in delivering a Clean Air Zone - Lessons from the feasibility studies
Dr Guy Hitchcock, Ricardo Energy & Environment



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