Presentation archive

November 2005

Soft Transport Planning Measures, and how to monitor their effects
Phil Goodwin, University of the West of England.

Ali Clabburn, Liftshare

Help - I need an Action Plan!
Mike Holland, EMRC

Latest on LAQM Technical Guidance
D Laxen, Air Quality Consultants

Air Quality Update
Davide Minotti, Defra

Fugitive PM10 from Road works and building works Impact on the assessment of the EU Limit Value
Gary Fuller, Kings College, ERG

Code of Practise for construction sites
Andrew Whittles, London Borough of Greenwich

Planning applications, building and development in an AQMA
Ogo Osammor, Sheffield CC

Strategic Environmental Assessment - A Case Study.
Dave Cherry, Leeds City Council



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The organisors of IAPSC make every effort to ensure that information presented at conferences is correct. However, please note that IAPSC presentations are not subject to peer review. While they may contain information published elsewhere, they are not, in themselves, scientific publication, so should not be cited or quoted.