Presentation archive

June 2012

Defra Air Quality Update
Robert Vaughan, Defra

Overview of Projects Supported by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund
Tricia Allen, Department for Transport

Modelling Low Emission Zone and Demand Management measures in the City of York using Detailed Traffic-emission Tools
Dr James Tate, University of Leeds

Combined Heat and Power: Air Quality Guidance for Local Authorities
Ed Dearnley, Consultant

Update on Road Traffic Emission Factors
Yvonne Brown, Bureau Veritas

Investigation of Vehicle Emissions in the London Borough of Wandsworth
David Kennett, LB of Wandsworth

Science, Art and Smartphone Apps - New Ways of Engaging the Public
Andrew Grieve, Kings College London

Unfortunately, two speakers (Kirsty Smallbone and Jenni Davies) were unable to attend. Their presentations were replaced by an extended discussion session. We hope to be able to re-schedule both their presentations for the December 2012 conference



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The organisors of IAPSC make every effort to ensure that information presented at conferences is correct. However, please note that IAPSC presentations are not subject to peer review. While they may contain information published elsewhere, they are not, in themselves, scientific publication, so should not be cited or quoted.