Presentation archive

June 2002

What Makes a Good Air Quality Web Site?
Ben Barratt, ERG, King’s College London

The Netherlands Emission Inventory
Jan Van Der Plas, VROM

The Environment Agency Pollution Inventory
Charlie Corbishley, Environment Agency

What’s New on the DEFRA Web Site
Paul Willis, netcen

Measurement of Nuisance Dust and PM10 Around a Coal Handling Plant
Andrew King, Independent Air Quality Consultant

Effects of a Construction site on Local PM10 Levels
Stuart Upton, BRE

Air Quality and Odour Nuisance
Nigel Gibson, netcen

Action Plans for Air Quality Management Areas
Brian Irving, London Borough of Croydon

Guidance on Dealing with Planning Applications in Air Quality Management Areas
Colin Cobbing, London Borough of Hillingdon

Protection of Ecosystems from Air Pollution
Alison Vipond, DEFRA

ALAQM: Preparing for the Next Round
Rupert Furness, DEFRA



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The organisors of IAPSC make every effort to ensure that information presented at conferences is correct. However, please note that IAPSC presentations are not subject to peer review. While they may contain information published elsewhere, they are not, in themselves, scientific publication, so should not be cited or quoted.