Presentation archive

June 2001

Local Air Quality Management: The National Perspective
Rupert Furness, Air & Environment Quality, DETR

City Air Planners and Strategists
Nicky Woodfield, University of the West of England

Update on the TRAMAQ Programme
Jane Cloke, Transport Research Laboratory

The Winchester Movement and Access Plan
Nick Richardson, Winchester City Council

Air Pollution Issues Related to Airports - An Overview
David Raper, ARIC, Manchester Metropolitan University

Future air Transport, and the Implications for Air Quality around Airports
Mike Crompton, Aviation Environment Division, DETR

The Application of Modelling to Air Quality Management around Airports
Brian Underwood, AEA Technology, Risley

Options for a Sustainable Air Quality Action Plan at Heathrow Airport
Rob Gibson, Environment Strategy Group, London Borough of Hounslow

DETR Report
This paper, which is made available to members at the conference, provides a summary of work in the field of air pollution being undertaken by various contractors for DEFRA (formerly known as DETR)



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The organisors of IAPSC make every effort to ensure that information presented at conferences is correct. However, please note that IAPSC presentations are not subject to peer review. While they may contain information published elsewhere, they are not, in themselves, scientific publication, so should not be cited or quoted.