Presentation archive

December 2009

The UKs Air Quality Forecasting Service
Dr Andrea Fraser, AEA

Air Quality Forecasting and its values as a preventative measure for sensitive people
Dr Kirsty Smallbone, University of Brighton

Air Quality and Health at a Local Authority level
Katharina Janke, University of Bristol

The role of weather and climate change in health impacts of air pollution
Dr Ben Armstrong, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

The work of COMEAP, past and future
Prof Jon Ayres, University of Birmingham

Local Air Quality Management Review and Air Quality Grant Applications
Robert Vaughan, Defra

Examples of successful Action Plans
Dr Beth Conlan, AEA

Urban Design, Air Quality and Health
Dr Tim Chatterton, University of the West of England

Approaches to Climate change-proofing for air quality assessment
Angela Ball, Westlakes Scientific Consulting

Non-Meat Lunches
Why the committee decided to go for an all-vegetarian lunch on the basis of its lower carbon footprint



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The organisors of IAPSC make every effort to ensure that information presented at conferences is correct. However, please note that IAPSC presentations are not subject to peer review. While they may contain information published elsewhere, they are not, in themselves, scientific publication, so should not be cited or quoted.